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The Kashmir Files and Bollywood

The Kashmir Files and Bollywood

The Kashmir Files and Bollywood are now locked in a battle as the former came into the picture and break records. Now, Bollywood claims one of its movies has surpassed the records of The Kashmir Files. RRR has reported a revenue of Rs 240 crores surpassing The Kashmir Files total of Rs 211 crores.

They also said that among the reasons for TKF’s success is its support from the government. Bollywood said there were also other films gathering such support like Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior and Uri: The Surgical Strike.

In a recent interview with Nawazuddin Siddiqui, he defended director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. When asked about the certain group of Bollywood that are against TKF. He answered “I have no idea about that. But, every director has a style and point of view for making films. He made a film from his point of view, which is good. Others will also make films from their perspectives, in the future. And, that is great.”

He added, “When a filmmaker makes a film, he/she does so from his perspective, with a unique style of viewing things. It should be allowed for any filmmaker to add their own perspective even to films based on real incidents. I cannot speak any more on this as I have not watched the film.”

Setting a trend is a historic feat but will be very difficult. This is not just in the film industry but in real life as well. There will be some who would like it and those who won’t. The beauty of things is that everyone is entitled to their freedom. It is up to us to believe what is out there, especially in the digital age. The technology or the marketing strategy might be the same but the change begins with us.

Do you believe this is a strategy to further suppress the change that the Kashmir Files is ushering?

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