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The Kashmir Files Taps into Emotions

The Kashmir Files Taps into Emotions

The Kashmir Files taps into emotions of many Hindus as it depicts the massive exodus of Kashmir Pandits. Reports of theaters filled with chants of “Bharat Mata ki jai” or “Jai Shri Ram” as people react to the movie’s story.

Western Media

Western media have reported the plights of Muslims experiencing abuse from the Hindus as they brave to watch the theaters. Many organizations have held press conferences saying this was a political move and it disturbs the peace.

What could have been missed in these reports is that this has been a part of history. Just like the Titanic, Jack and Rose probably did not exist but the story might have. It is also a part of history that shows us the real emotions people felt experiencing that strategy. It gives us awareness and triggers compassion for their plight but it also makes us appreciate their lives.

The Kashmir Files is no different. It shows us the feelings of the people who have been part of the exodus. They trigger emotions as they share their stories in life, it is a part of history that happened to bring us to where we are today.

The Times

According to the Times, this was political. “Social media is flooded with videos of members of the audience erupting in rousing hate speeches after seeing the film, with calls for the slaughter of Muslims and a boycott of Muslim businesses. Often, these speeches are staged by Hindu vigilante organizations ideologically allied with Modi’s government. In a climate of growing intolerance, where exclusion and marginalization of Muslims have become mainstream political discourse, the movie is making Indian Muslims even more fearful.”

“The “truth” that the film claims to reveal is that there was a “genocide” of Pandits in the 1990s, hidden by a callous ruling establishment and a servile media. Pandits were killed in their thousands, it claims, and not in the low hundreds as the government and Kashmiri Pandit organizations have stated.”

Be it hundreds or thousands, it is still genocide and no one deserved to die under that circumstance. As the West depicts it as a political move, for us it is a part of history we are being aware of and we could learn from it.

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