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The Kashmir Files United Indians

The Kashmir Files United Indians

The Kashmir Files united Indians as Vivek Agnihotri tweets about the successful screening in Thailand. “A lot of excitement here in Thailand for the grandest screening ever of #TheKashmirFiles. People are driving 200-300 miles to watch the film. This small film has united Indians the world over.”

The Kashmir Files have brought awareness to the massive exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990. It has been well received at the Indian box office. On April 9, a grand screening attended by Vivek Agnihotri and Pallavi Joshi took place in the Siam Pavalai Theater in Siam Paragon, Bangkok. The theater was fully packed with Indians and Thais who attended the special premiere.

In another tweet, Vivek Agnihotri announced the screening organized by the GKPD in Thailand. “Looking forward to this grandest screening ever in Bangkok. 750+ people and hundreds in waiting. Organized by @kp_global #TheKashmirFiles #RightToJustice.”

The packed theater gave a standing ovation in a show of patriotism during the screening. The massive hit continues to show in theaters in Thailand. The film has ignited a feeling of patriotism that is felt across borders as more people come to support India.

Be it a small film, it has come as a titan in the industry as it ushers a new beginning in the industry. It has toppled Bollywood films since its release which is a massive feat by itself. Without the press support of big organizations, it has managed to be a worldwide hit.

It was met with a lot of controversies since its release but it has stayed strong throughout. With the strength of modern media, it has set a new trend for upcoming movies.

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