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These Foods are Most Popular on Christmas

These Foods are Most Popular on Christmas

The Christmas festival is celebrated every year on 25 December. The beauty of this festival is created all over the world. Preparations for Christmas are started much in advance. Christmas is not only known for the Christmas tree, gifts or carols, but people also wait throughout the year for the festival to be held on these festivals. Anyway, any festival is always incomplete without food dishes. Christmas celebration is done in different ways in different countries. There is also a lot of trend of feasting on this festival. Which Foods Are Most Popular During Christmas?

Cookies are very much liked during Christmas celebrations. Elders along with children also eat it with great fervor. It is a kind of biscuit. It is usually prepared from flour, eggs, fat and sugar. They are prepared by mixing chocolate, butter, walnuts and dry fruits.

Christmas festival cannot be celebrated without cake. Cakes of different varieties are quite famous to enjoy this festival. People like to make cakes at home, while there are many varieties of cakes available in the market too. Fruit cake is very much liked in this season. Apart from this, there is a demand for different types of plum cakes from chocolate cake and rum cake.

Roasted Potato
It cannot happen that there is no potato in any festival. Roasted Potato is very much liked during Christmas all over the world. Apart from Roasted Potato, Fry Potato, French Fry is also used a lot.

During Christmas Fest, the number of people who eat roasted chicken is also large. Roasted chicken is a popular dish to celebrate this festival.

Turkey Meat
On Christmas, a lot of variety of food is easily available for the people who are fond of non-veg. Traditionally, a turkey is served at dinner on Christmas. People prepare it in different ways. This is a very popular food dish.

The celebration of Christmas remains incomplete without wine or any other liquor. This can be gauged from the fact that the consumption of alcohol during Christmas increases significantly in many countries. Most red wine is drunk on this festival.

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