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Tips to Boost Your Immune System Naturally at Home

Tips to Boost Your Immune System Naturally at Home

With Coronavirus cases spreading at a rapid pace across the world, it is very important that you keep your immune system strong. Besides, this seasonal transition is here to make it even worst. Hence, it becomes more important that we work on boosting our immune system from today itself.

As we know, there is a complete lockdown across the country, we do have an opportu nity to boost our immune system naturally by using some home remedies.

After all, it is our immune system that con stant fights off harmful organisms, viruses
and bacteria that damage our body. In a nutshell, our immune system works like an internal army and protects us from any possible infections, diseases and other potentially harmful invaders.

Therefore, we would like to share with you some best home remedies to boost your immune system naturally while staying at home during the

Lemon is used in almost every household and is easily found item in the market as well.
Most of us are already aware that lemon is a citrus fruit that is known for its Vitamin C content. Lemon strengthens our immune system as Vitamin C helps our white blood cells to work properly, which plays an important role in order to fight infections and remove toxins
from our body.

You can either drink lemon water or lemon ginger tea early in the morning. While drinking lemon ginger tea will help boost your immune system, having lemon water will keep you hydrated as well.

Garlic is one of the most effective naturalantibiotics that have antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. According to a study, people who take the garlic supplements have significantly low chances of catching a cold as compared to those who do not take the garlic supplement. Garlic also helps to recover from a cold quickly as it also has potent antioxidant properties.

You can take the garlic soup that is prepared by using ingredients that are easily available
at home. Here, we are sharing with you the Recipe of Garlic Soup

• 1 teaspoon oregano
• 1 teaspoon thyme
• 1/4 cup of olive oil
• 2 cups of milk
• 2 sliced onions
• 32 ounces of broth (vegetable/ chicken)
• 4 tablespoons of ghee or butter (as per your
• 5 – 6 whole heads of garlic
• Black pepper (for taste)
• Sea salt (for taste)

Pour the olive oil into a pan, halves the heads of garlic without peeling it and put it in the
pan. Roast it until the garlic cloves get brown and start to fragrant. Melt the butter/ ghee in a pot and put sliced onions. Sauté it over medium heat and keep stirring the onions. Add the herbs mentioned above along with salt and pepper and sauté it for 2 minutes approximately.

Once the garlic cloves cool slightly, pick up the shell of the garlic heads and blend them
into the onion mixture. Add broth as per your taste and simmer for 15 minutes
approximately. Reduce the heat and add the milk and keep blending the soup until it gets
smoother. Drink it warm to strengthen your immune system.

Ginger, of course, is another food item that is easily available in our regular household
and is used in every kitchen in India. Ginger possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that not only reduce the inflammation in the body but also fight toxins in our body.

Ginger also improves the blood circulation in our body. You can escalate the use of ginger in your regular cooking and can also start drinking the famous ginger tea to boost your immune

Green Tea
Green tea has a number of health benefits and strengthening the immune system is one
of them. It has strong antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant and antiviral properties that
help boost our immune system.

The use of green tea in regular households has surged in recent years and can be easily
found in the local shops as well.

When it comes to home remedies for boosting the immune system and we do not include honey, it is nearly impossible! Honey is a natural antibacterial and antioxidant that not only helps strengthen your immune system but also reduces the body fat.

You can either drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with a spoon full of honey to strengthen your immune system or can also add lemon in it to detoxify your body.

Turmeric has high antioxidants that help our immune system develop protective
antibodies and fight off the harmful viruses. It also has curcumin that is beneficial to heal
the gut and boost our immune system.

You should drink a glass of lukewarm milk with a spoon full of turmeric powder. It is
also known as the golden milk.

Black Fennel Seeds (Kalonji)
Black Fennel Seeds are known as the seeds of blessings as it possesses high levels of
properties that help boost the immune system.

Black Fennel Seeds also helps in stimulating the body’s energy and helping us to recover
quickly from fatigue.

Well, we know that we cannot control everything that is happening; however, we
can control our eating habits and make them healthier.

While there is significantly upsurge in the total Coronavirus cases across the world, the number of COVID-19 cases has crossed 4,000-mark lately. Considering the population, the awareness and precaution level of our country that we have been seeing in the last few months, keeping yourself safe from any potential harms from outside and the internal threat is very important. Hence, you would not want to put yourself and your family members at any risk in this drastic situation.

Therefore, it is very important that you switch to healthy eating habits during this tough time. Also, keeping your stress under control is essential along with a healthy diet.

Get proper sleep and do not overuse the mobile phones, computers, laptops or watch
television excessively. Do regular exercise and cardio and indulge yourself in physical
activities while being at home.

Always remember, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and your family while
we are at risk of this invisible and vicious enemy that is endangering the human race
at a very rapid pace

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