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Travel agencies offer tour packages with vaccine facility

Travel agencies offer tour packages with vaccine facility

With the recent wave of Covid-19 reaching record highs and increasing demand for vaccines, some Thais want to be vaccinated abroad.  There are now tour packages that include the Covid-19 vaccination.

The company Unithai Trip is now advertising trips to the United States from Thailand that include a Covid-19 vaccine.  Starting at $ 2,300 USD, travelers can go on a 10-day organized trip to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.  During the journey, passengers will be provided with the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine.

 Per capita prices range from $ 2,300 USD to $ 3,700 USD depending on the number of people.  “We take care of everything from beginning to end”, says Rachfall, which includes admission fees for accommodation, transportation and attractions.

 According to the CNA, the US has become a popular destination for Thais who want to get vaccinated abroad.  Several states, including New York City, have imposed Covid-19 vaccines on people not living in that area.

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