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Travel Tips for Solo Travelers in India

Travel Tips for Solo Travelers in India

Starting your first solo excursion can be both frightening and overpowering. Having somebody to go with you feels like a wellbeing net, so when you choose to go without anyone else, that security net vanishes. In any case, it doesn’t need to be that way. You can discover different approaches to feel good and appreciate voyaging solo. Here’s all that you have to take care when you go for your first solo trip.

Voyaging solo can be one of the most fun adventure one can do in his/her life. Indeed, going independent from anyone else can be terrifying, yet it can likewise be empowering. Going independent from anyone else shows you how to depend on yourself, which fabricates certainty and demonstrates to you that you’re more grounded than you suspected you were.

It’s likewise awesome to travel alone in light of the fact that you choose how to go through every day. You pick where to eat and what exercises to do. You don’t need to bargain like you would with a movement accomplice. The adaptability of solo travel is an incredible advantage.

You’re in reality bound to meet different voyagers when you’re going without anyone else. It makes you progressively receptive, and you’re bound to approach others. When you have a movement accomplice, you most likely won’t want to contact converse with another person, yet when you’re individually, it’s considerably more engaging.

Solo going in India not just acquaints you with a range of societies and horde of people, however it encourages you rediscover yourself as well. To make such a freeing background moreover productive, we list here certain tips for your solo excursion in India.

Tips to Make your Trip Memorable

Before Leaving
-Destination :-When you start preparing for your first solo trip, the most important task is to decide the destination. Is there somewhere you’ve constantly longed for, that pulls you in more than some other goal? This may be a decent start. Arranging an outing to your fantasy goal is extraordinary inspiration to finish your arrangement and really take that excursion. Additionally, consider what areas are simpler than others. A place where the people communicate in a similar language as you, or one that has a great deal of vacationer framework is a decent decision. You may even begin nearer to home with a goal inside your country of origin that you’ve never been to. In India you get the experience of almost all the geography. If you like snow you can go to the norther part of the country. For deserts, western India, while for the plain and tea planation view one can go to the eastern belt. The norther India is all green with beaches and oceans and green mountains.

-Plan in Advance :- In Solo trips, it is proposed that you have everything all together before wandering in on the caper. Getting your appointments for the stay previously is a compulsory piece of the arrangements. There are many travel sites in India which help you to book budget hotels, flights or other travel essentials. Also according to your destination make a list of necessary items you would be requiring.

-Pack Light :-Since you would be travelling all alone its important to pack on light weight things. There will be instances that you might have to walk for long or climb high. With a heavy baggage, the journey would become exhausting and tiring. Also carry only 1-2 baggage in number. Ensure that you are carrying your basic necessity items only in a handbag or backpack.

-Carry your Essentials :-Things such as passport or any identity proof is most essential. Then your travel tickets, hotel bookings are the next important things to carry. Do keep some basic medicine for fever, cold, body ache, or a first aid kit. Your mobile charger or a battery bank along is a must thing. Do keep a diary and pen and few important numbers handy in case you lose your phone.

-Travel Fund :-Before commencing for your trip, you have to decide in advance how much you want to spend on your solo trip. Decide on a fixed amount that includes your tickets, hotel booking, food, shopping, miscellaneous expense. Apart from the estimated budget always keep some emergency cash with you which you may not spend at all. Keep all the denominations with you as sometimes its not easy to get lose cash/atm facilities easily in very remote areas.

When Reaching
-Arrive During Day Time :-Since you would be travelling alone, it’s always advisable to reach your destination before sunset as it helps you to locate the place easily and is safer specially for first timers.

-Go for Group Tour if Not Sure :-If the thought of travelling alone can be still scary for you, you can join some travel groups or take some tour packages. This will satisfy your urge of travelling alone but at the same time you would be surrounded with people in the entire trip.

-Use Public Transport More :-Its always cheap as well as safe to opt for public transport while travelling. Also it adds fun to your adventure as you are able to travel along with local people and explore better.

-Explore :-Don’t just restrict yourself to hotel rooms when travelling. It might feel very relaxing to enjoy the hotel amenities, but the purpose of travel gets spoilt. Start your day early and take a good breakfast in the hotel so that you are ready for the entire day. You can take guidance from hotel staff about the nearby places or fun activities around. Sometimes the taxi or bus driver may also help you to identify some nice places. Walk as much as you can when you are exploring and try to indulge in some adventure which you have always wished for.

-Collect Memories :-A handy camera or a smartphone should always be ready to capture beautiful memories for your lifetime. You can also collect some memoirs which may remind you later back of the place, people or experience. It could be anything, a key chain, a t-shirt, fridge magnet, shell, idol, etc.

-Connect with Locals & Other Travelers :-When you travel its always nice to connect with local people in order to know more about the culture and tradition of that place. They might tell you some interesting stories or facts about the places around. You can also identify any other solo traveler in your journey and get connected. When meeting strangers during travelling, you learn new things.

-Keep in touch :-Though solo trips are meant to give yourself solitude from your busy life, it is still important to be in touch with your family and friends for safety reasons. If not talking to all, you may be in touch with one or two people only and update them about your location and wellbeing. You can share your location with them as it will help in tracking you in case you are in some trouble.

-Learn some safety & lifesaving hacks :-Sometimes while travelling there can be situations where you have to cook for yourself or you are stuck in some abandoned place and help might take time to reach. This specially happens when you are going for camping’s or trekking. Therefore, learn some safety hacks before, when you plan such trips.

Coming Back
-Share Your Experience :-It nice to make some V-logs or write blogs or simply click pictures of your journey and share with your family and friends. You can also use it for commercial purpose if you want to earn some good money. You can maintain a travel diary in this case where you can in capsule all your adventure voyages.

-Note things to remember :-Do analyze all the pros and cons of your trip so that next time when you travel. You may not encounter the same problem.

Happy Travelling!!!

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