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Travel to Thailand: Requirements for COVID-19 vaccinated

Travel to Thailand: Requirements for COVID-19 vaccinated

Thailand Travel News: Thailand’s entry requirements from 1 June 2022

Would you like to travel again to Thailand- The Land of Smiles now that the Covid restrictions are eased. In the latest Thailand travel news, the country will be open to all from 1st June 2022. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers around the world can travel freely now. Thailand is likely to attract a lot of international travelers in 2022, as it is one of the most preferred holiday destinations.

The Covid-19 vaccine is required for all travelers aged 18 and older at least 14 days prior to arrival in Thailand.

It is mandatory that children between 5-17 years of age traveling unaccompanied to Thailand receive a dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before their departure. Children traveling with their parents are exempt from this requirement.

A certificate of recovery from Covid-19 infection must be provided to travelers with a history of infection and who have received at least one dose of an approved vaccine post-infection.

Travelers who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated can visit Thailand as there are two ways to enter the country. If they want to avoid quarantine, they need to take an RT-PCR test and upload the results into their Thailand Pass application. Otherwise, they can use the existing 5-day alternate quarantine scheme. They should conduct the test no more than 72 hours before the arrival date.

A valid Thailand Pass is required for anyone intending to travel to Thailand. After the pandemic, this requirement is particularly critical. Thailand Pass allows travelers to simplify and streamline their documentation process in Thailand as it supports Thailand’s “Ease of Travel” system.

For information about applying for a Thailand Pass directly, visit the MFA website. You should submit/register your Thailand Pass application at least 3 to 7 days before you are scheduled to depart. If you intend to travel to Thailand, ensure that you apply well ahead of time for a Thailand Pass.

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