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Two Safest Places to Visit Post Corona Virus Pandemic

Two Safest Places to Visit Post Corona Virus Pandemic

Excerpt: Let us take a look at the two safest places to visit post corona virus pandemic and what are the safety precaution you should take while having a trip post COVID-19.

The whole world is fighting off the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and so is India. After months of complete and partial lockdown implementation, the Government of India has finally introduced the Unlock 3.0 across India. Along with the Government of India, many state governments have also lifted lockdown and ease out the travel restrictions that were earlier imposed throughout the state. The travel industry is one of the sectors that is affected quite badly around the world. Even now, the tour and travel industry has not been restored completely. While a lot of people believe that it is still not safe to travel even within the country, there are many people who are looking for safest places to visit post corona virus. Many others have been taking flights and other modes of travel to reach their destination city or state.

However, the fact that we must not side-step is that the risk and panic of catching the corona virus infection are still there. In fact, India is currently at the third spot in terms of having the most number of corona virus cases. Even after the situation getting worst in the country, people are still waiting for lifting the travel restrictions in the country.

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Another thing that is creating a lot of confusion amid the pandemic is that corona virus guidelines for both travel and hospitality industries vary depending on the states and cities you are willing to travel. There are many states in India that require travellers to carry their COVID-19 negative report along with them while travelling whereas many states are putting tourists from other states to stay in quarantine for 7 to 21 days. Along with the active corona virus cases in the country, the uncertainty of the COVID-19 travel guidelines is a huge obstacle for the travel and hospitality industry to revive. Hence, it is quite important for you to choose the safest places to visit post corona virus pandemic. With that regard it’s best to get immunity against Covid-19 by getting vaccinated for added protection along with protocols we must abide by.

Apart from that, the long and indefinite lockdowns and unlocks have made people bored to tears. Now, the people just want to get out of their homes after this tiresome lockdown and have a trip; be it a short one. Nonetheless, taking adequate precautions and safety during the trip is a must. Besides, we must not forget that post-COVID-19, the future of the travel and tourism industry is going to be changed – at least for a while. There are a few factors that will have an immense impact on the travel plans of tourists.

Public Transportation VS Private Transportation

Well, a large number of tourists might avoid public transportation during the current pandemic for a while to travel within the city or state they planned to visit. This will have a direct impact on their travel expenses, schedule and plans. Consequently, most people would prefer to visit their nearby places where they can drive via their private vehicles. If not, they will have to take private vehicles for their trips to visit local places, which will increase their travel expenses.

Smaller But Separate Stay

Another thing that the travellers will and must take into account is the hotel/ resort/ or property they are going to stay at during their trip. A lot of travellers would want their stay to be safe and hence they would most likely to prefer smaller but separate space to stay.

Prefer Hygienic Service More Than Ever

Having a hygienic trip and stay will be the most preferable thing for travellers from now on. There were many travellers who would not take the hygiene very seriously earlier, however, from now on, having a hygienic service is a must for everyone.

Taking all these measures into account, we are providing you with two safest places to visit post-COVID-19. These places are adhering to all the guidelines and safety procedures prescribed by the Indian Tourism Ministry amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Chail Hills, Himachal Pradesh – A safe mountainous area in pandemic times

Chail hills himachal pradesh
Chail Hills, Himachal Pradesh

Chail Hills is one of the most preferred choices for weekend gateways for people living in and around Himachal Pradesh and other nearby states. It is among the best places to visit anytime throughout the year. Chail Hills is also known as the hiker’s paradise along with these places: Best trekking places in India for their magnificent and spectacular views of valleys. 

There are a lot of adventurous places to visit in Chail Hills and you can choose the most suitable options according to your preferences. Some of the most visited and enjoyed places in Chail Hills include but certainly not limited to are Himalayan Nature Park, Sadhupul Lake, Maharaja’s Palace, Kali Ka Tibba, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, and Chail Palace Hotel etc.

Atali, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand – Another hilly area to visit in covid-19

Atali Rishikesh
Serene View of Atali, Rishikesh

Atali, Rishikesh is another place that offers a lot to its travellers. Every year, an innumerable number of travellers and sightseers from across the world come to India and visit the holy town of Rishikesh. There are a lot many amazing things to do in Atali, Rishikesh as it provides its travellers with a wide range of outdoor activities. Some of the adventurous activities to include in your itinerary while visiting Atali are hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, wall climbing, kayaking and of course, camping.

Another activity that fascinates a lot of tourists in Atali is the High Ropes Course. What makes the Atali, Rishikesh a safe and secure place to visit post-COVID19 is that the authorities require its visitors to upload their COVID-19 Real-Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test reports from ICMR authorised labs, which should state that you have tested negative for COVID-19 disease. This helps all the visitors to have a safe and stress-free trip at Atali, Rishikesh.

If you are planning to visit Uttarakhand when the pandemic scare is over, don’t forget to visit the best places in Uttarakhand when travelling in normal times.

We understand your love for travel but we would like you to strictly follow the COVID-19 guidelines to stay safe during your trips. To make your trips safe and secure during the corona virus pandemic, you must take a few mandatory precautions.

Some of the Mandatory Precautions That You Should While Traveling Post-COVID19

You must wear your masks all the time whether or not you are getting in touch with people. You should wash your hands quite frequently and must use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer to have proper protection from COVID-19 infection. During the trip, avoid eating out in public places. Do not forget to maintain social distancing. Make sure that the food you are consuming is freshly cooked. Sanitise your vehicle, bags and other stuff that have higher chances of getting exposed to corona virus during the trip. Book your places while planning your trip and make sure to opt for hygiene services no matter if it costs you a few more bucks. You must strictly follow these precautions even when you’re looking for the safest places to visit post corona virus pandemic. Remember to have fun and have a safe trip!

If you are travelling internationally, here are the Covid-19 travel tips and precautions for you after the lockdown you must take care of for a safe and memorable journey.

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