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UN sent help to India

UN sent help to India

In India, covid-19 patients are constantly increasing, due to which there is a shortage of medical oxygen and other necessary medical supplies in hospitals across the country. However, many countries have extended a helping hand to accompany India’s fight against the Corona virus. In this series, several agencies of the United Nations have also sent about 10,000 oxygen concentrators to India to deal with the covid-19 epidemic. Along with this, one crore medical masks have also been sent.

“The United Nations team in India is cooperating with both national and local governments to combat the epidemic,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarares spokesman Stephen Dujarric in his statement on Thursday. He said that UNICEF, the World Health Organization ( The WHO) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) have sent around 10,000 oxygen concentrators, 10 million medical masks and more than 1.5 million face shields to India. The UN team has also purchased ventilators and oxygen production plants.

Let us tell you that UNICEF is also providing ‘cold chain’ equipment to the country to keep Corona vaccines. Dujarik said that his support team has sent testing machines and PPE kits as well as thermal scanners to the country.

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