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UNICEF and Central Group Join Forces to Promote Good Parenting Practices

UNICEF and Central Group Join Forces to Promote Good Parenting Practices

Central Group and UNICEF have joined forces to launch the “For Every Child, A Fair Chance” campaign, aimed at promoting good parenting practices and raising awareness among the Thai public to ensure that every child receives the best possible start in life and thrives throughout their childhood.

The campaign introduces an interactive mobile exhibition that will be showcased at Central shopping malls across Thailand. This exhibition’s primary objective is to strengthen parent and public awareness about the importance of physical, emotional, and social development for children. To make this experience even more delightful, the exhibition features the beloved Moomins characters, created by Tove Jansson and licensed by Medialink Brand Management, designed to spark family joy and help parents discover the art of parenting.

At the campaign’s launch event held at Central World, Anand Panyarachun, UNICEF Thailand Goodwill Ambassador, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m very pleased that we are again working with Central Group, a relationship that has been very important to us for 7 years, and delivered enormous benefits to Thai children and families during that time. Creating events at the hearts of Central’s popular malls is a wonderful way of reaching families directly across the land.”

Kyungsun Kim, UNICEF Representative for Thailand, highlighted the significance of the mobile exhibition, stating, “Parenthood is a continuous learning process and full of endless discoveries. The mobile exhibition not only serves as a fun mini playground for children but also a good source of tips, insights, and facts for parents to create a healthy and happy childhood for their children. We hope that this will help encourage positive parenting practices and promote quality time within the family.”

In addition to the mobile exhibition, UNICEF will release Moomin #FridayParenting tips on social media to help parents enhance their parenting skills, improve their communication with children, and engage in activities that promote their children’s development. The Moomin #FridayParenting series covers various important topics such as nutrition, stimulation, bonding, play, reading, and mental health.

A 2022 UNICEF-led survey found that fewer parents and household members in Thailand were engaging with their children to promote their learning and development. In 2022, only 31 percent of fathers spent time with their children in activities that stimulated learning at home, compared to 34 percent in 2019. Furthermore, children in Thailand were found to be spending more time on electronic devices and less time reading books at home, with just 3 in 10 children having more than three children’s books at home.

Pichai Chirathivat, Executive Director of Central Group, emphasized the company’s longstanding partnership with UNICEF and their shared commitment to early childhood development. He stated, “For 7 years, Central Group has partnered with UNICEF Thailand, supporting their missions for children in Thailand and around the world. We believe in UNICEF’s mission and recognize the importance of early childhood development. The expo has served as an important venue for parents and the public to learn more about positive parenting while supporting UNICEF fundraising initiatives.”

The mobile expo will be open from October 17 to 22, 2023, at Central World, and will subsequently tour other locations across Thailand. The expo will offer interactive features designed in various corners and booths to promote learning and development.

Apart from the expo, several fundraising campaigns were initiated as part of the Central-UNICEF partnership. The Teddy Blu T-shirt Collection campaign, launched last year, raised over 3 million baht and is now back with a new collection. Donations will help UNICEF reach more children in need in Thailand and around the world. To show your support, visit or and Good Goods store at Central World or Chiangmai branch.

At the campaign’s launch event, Paula Taylor, actress and Friend of UNICEF, along with Vicky Sunisa Hiranyasthiti, Patricia Good, and Pok Patsarakorn Chirathivat, shared their experiences and tips on raising children. Paula Taylor said, “Time well spent with children is valuable for both parents and their children. As children develop, parents gain insights into their interests and unique individuality. Through these discoveries, parents find ways to truly connect with and support their children, helping them chase their dreams and reach their goals. Let’s discover new tips through Moomin #FridayParenting together.”

The collaboration between Central Group and UNICEF promises to empower parents with the knowledge and tools they need to provide a bright and nurturing environment for their children, ensuring a fair chance for every child in Thailand to thrive and succeed.

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