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US Report Concluded Covid-19 May Have Leaked From Wuhan lab

US Report Concluded Covid-19 May Have Leaked From Wuhan lab

Recently, in a new study, it has been said with the claim that the corona virus was made in the same lab in Wuhan, China, which the world has suspected, but now a report from the American lab has also stamped it. The US government is conducting research on the corona virus. Its report has claimed that the possibility of the corona virus leaking from the Wuhan lab in China is high. It has also been said that this further investigation should be done.

According to the report of the American newspaper Wall Street Journal, this study was started in May 2020 by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. Lawrence Livermore’s assessment is based on genomic analysis of the Covid-19 virus.

US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said he would continue to pressure China, along with the international community, to provide information and maintain transparency about the origins of Covid-19. He said that along with this, America will also continue the review and process at its level.

“We, together with the international community, will continue to press China to be transparent, ready to provide data and information,” he said. He says that if he will not participate in it, then it will not happen that we stand and just watch this and accept his words.

It will also be a topic of discussion when President Joe Biden meets foreign leaders this week on his first foreign trip since taking office, he said.

Responding to a question from House Foreign Affairs Committee member Steve Chabot, Blinken said President Joe Biden has ordered a detailed review to get to the bottom of what happened. He said the initial review began in March. According to the conclusions that came out, one of these two scenarios could happen. Now he has asked the entire government to go deep within 90 days and find out what we have, try to work with experts to find out if we can come to some concrete conclusions.

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