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Video Clip Shows Russian Soldiers Killing Civilians

Video Clip Shows Russian Soldiers Killing Civilians

A video clip shows Russian soldiers killing civilians in Kyiv before they ransack a business establishment. The heartless killing of the civilians is now under investigation.

Both victims died as a result of the callous shooting, which violated the so-called rules of war by targeting civilians. The victims have been named by CNN. One was the robbed car dealership’s owner, whose family does not want to be identified. Leonid Oleksiyovych Plyats, a 68-year-old grandpa who served as security at the facility, was the other.

Security camera footage shows the initial Russian attempt to conquer Kyiv in March. Fighting raged on the key road to the city, as Ukrainian forces fought Russian troops and tankers to halt the assault.

CNN has confirmed the video’s authenticity. It was created using footage from a variety of cameras located throughout the site, and while it lacks sound, the images are clear. Two defenseless guys were killed in a cowardly and cold-blooded manner.

Five Russian troops arrive and attempt to rob the establishments by firing at locks and smashing windows.

They appear to halt him and examine him for weapons as the owner approaches with his hands raised. Plyats arrives and is frisked as well. Before the troops turn away and the two citizens begin walking back to their guard station, there appears to be some talk.

Then at least two soldiers approach the men from behind and begin firing. Both civilians are knocked down.

A top Ukrainian prosecutor said the incident is being investigated as a war crime.

Aside from the death, the film depicts a slew of other unethical behavior by the group of five troops, who were identified as invading force members by their uniforms, as well as an analysis of who controlled what area at the time and witness accounts.

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