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Virat Kohli Takes the Mic

Virat Kohli Takes the Mic

Virat Kohli recently announced his retirement as the test cricket captain for India. This came after a series loss with South Africa. During the game, Virat Kohli drops a controversial comment.

The comment came after an umpire’s decision was overturned via a review. The umpire, on-field umpire Marais Erasmus gave the South African captain out lbw. Elgar asked for a review from a third umpire. The third umpire shows that the ball went over the stumps The review however had questionable outcomes. The review showed projections that even umpires question. The projection seems to have been tampered with showing an impossible trajectory.

The Indian skipper then approached the stump microphones and said “Focus on your team while they shine the ball. Not just the opposition. Trying to catch people all the time.” KL Rahul was then heard saying “It’s the whole country against 11 guys.” Another one to comment was Ashwin saying “You should find better ways to win, SuperSport.” Even an on-field umpire is caught on camera shaking his said while muttering “that’s impossible”.

During the conference, Indian bowling coach Paras Mhambrey said “We saw it, you saw it. I’ll leave that for the match referee to have a look at it. There’s nothing I can comment on it now. We’ve seen it all, just want to move on with the game now.”

What did you see? Do you think the trajectory was tampered with? Was the Indian skipper displayed unsportsmanlike conduct? Leave your comments below.

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