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Wat Samphran: The Temple Hugged by a Dragon!

Wat Samphran: The Temple Hugged by a Dragon!

Sounds amazing, right? When you will see it, your first reaction would be, “Is it really a temple?” That’s what I thought when I first saw the image. This temple is a great example of amazing and out-of-the-box architecture. So, if you are looking for something unique to see in Thailand other than beaches, this is the place to be.

Wat Samphran Thailand

Located only 40 kilometers from the heart of Bangkok, this place is surrounded by lush greenery and refreshing vibes. It is a lesser-known tourist destination situated in Nakhon Pathom province’s Sam Phran District. It is a rose-colored, 17-story tower with a height of 80 meters. There is a gigantic, gorgeous green dragon all around it. It’s almost like it’s hugging the temple.

What’s More Amazing?

Wish-Fulfilling Pit!

There is a large pit encircled by numerous small red signs with alluring slogans.

If you could manage to hit specific objects, statues, or pots with a coin, you could be able to obtain eternal bliss, fortune for your entire family, a new job, or lifelong friendships, that’s what written on those sign boards.

Massive Garden Around the Temple

A white rabbit, a road with jumping dolphins, a large elephant you can walk beneath, a wooden ship that pops out of nowhere, and tiger statues are just a few of the things you’ll see along the hand- and footprint-decorated pathway that passes by.

There is a turtle, beneath which you can pass through a big underground concrete tunnel with a little pond, is the absolute centerpiece.

You may easily spend an hour exploring the gardens and taking in the sights of Wat Samphran. There won’t be many tourists around, as it’s one of the less-explored places of Thailand.

LAST, BUT NOT THE LEAST- Climbing the Dragon!

You can climb the huge temple hugging dragon though stairs or elevator. The top gives a majestic view that will take your breath away. But, there are chances that you won’t get to be on the top most spot, but it’s worth trying! You will still find beautiful sights on your way up!

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