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WhatsApp Sues Indian Government, Says New IT Rules Will End Privacy

WhatsApp Sues Indian Government, Says New IT Rules Will End Privacy

WhatsApp has filed a case against the Government of India in the Delhi High Court, in which it has demanded a moratorium on the new IT rules to be implemented from today. The case of WhatsApp v. Government of India was registered on Tuesday, 25 May. The Messenger app said that the privacy of users will be affected by the new rules.

In fact, on 25 February 2021, the Central Government directed to appoint Compliance Officers, Nodal Officers etc. on behalf of the Ministry of Electronics and IT of India to regulate digital content within 3 months. It is important that all these areas are in India. Under the order given by the government, companies have to appoint a compliance officer and it is mandatory for them to have their name and contact address in India.

In a statement issued by WhatsApp, it has been said that in the new guidelines of the government, it has been said to trace the chat and in a way it is as if the information about the fingerprint of our users is being sought. This would break end-to-end encryption and fundamentally undermine people’s right to privacy. On behalf of WhatsApp, it has been said that we are with the civil society in this matter, which talks about the privacy of the people who use WhatsApp all over the world.

In the meantime, we will also continue to engage with the Indian government on practical solutions aimed at keeping people safe, WhatsApp said, Including responding to a valid legal request, ”

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