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WhatsApp will not be deleted even after May 15

WhatsApp will not be deleted even after May 15

There is a relief news for users of WhatsApp. Now, under the new policy of the company, even after not accepting the privacy policy, the account of the users will not be deleted after May 15.

The controversy erupted over the new privacy policy of the social media company. The company has now given this relief by stopping it. The company said that it would release new reminders for users in the coming days for a few more weeks.

Earlier, WhatsApp had said about the new privacy policy that all users will have to accept it by 8 February. Failure to do so will result in the user’s account being deleted. However, in view of the protest, the company had extended this period to 15 May.

WhatsApp released its new privacy policy in the first week of January this year. This was to be accepted by all users by 8 February. As per the new policy of the company, she would collect many information including user name, address, phone number, location and share it with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

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