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‘White Fungus’ cases now come out after Black Fungus

‘White Fungus’ cases now come out after Black Fungus

After the black fungus in the country, there has been chaos due to the finding of white fungus patients. Four patients of this disease have met in the last few days in patna. White fungus is the main cause of lung infection. Apart from the lungs, it also infects the skin, nails, inner part of the mouth, stomach and intestine, kidney, genitals and brain etc.

According to Dr. SN Singh, head of the Department of Microbiology at Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH), so far four such patients have been found to have symptoms like Covid-19. But they were infected with white fungus, not corona. All three corona test rapid antigen, rapid antibody and RT-PCR tests in patients were negative. Only anti fungal medicines were cured when examined.

Diabetes, antibiotic intake or prolonged intake of steroids. Cancer patients who are on medication. It quickly catches up to them.

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