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Windows 11 Introduced with Restyled Start Menu

Windows 11 Introduced with Restyled Start Menu

The newest version of Microsoft’s computer operating system, Windows 11, where launched globally on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, as a free of charge upgrade for WIndows 10 users.

According to Chief Product Officer Panos Panay WIndows during an interview with the BBC the brand new Windows version was created to be clean, fresh and simpler for the satisfaction of the users.

Mr. Panay had guaranteed that the latest computer operating system would not be a maximum  desertion from what people traditionally are familiar with, and added that even the least technogeek users can upgrade effortlessly.

The Window’s chief product officer states that during the invention of the newest WIndows 11, he utilizes the concept of his 89 year old father, that even at his age he would be able to click the button and upgrade to the latest Windows version.

Moreover, Mr. Panay had revealed that expert users had already extensively tried out the latest Windows 11 via the Windows Insider trial programme and was assured that there would be no irritating issues- adding that the upgrade is now available.

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