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Woman Gives Birth To 10 Children, Breaks World Record

Woman Gives Birth To 10 Children, Breaks World Record

In South Africa a woman has surprised everyone by giving birth to 10 children. 37-year-old woman named Gosiami Dhamara Sithol has created a new world record by giving birth to ten children simultaneously. The woman has been delivered by operation, where she has given birth to seven boys and three girls.

Sithole told that she too was initially very surprised and upset about her pregnancy. It was also very difficult in the initial days. She felt very weak. Everything was getting very difficult for him. She told that while she was worried about it in the initial days, later she got used to it. Afterwards he didn’t even feel any pain, but it was definitely very difficult. She told that she used to pray to God that at the time of the birth of the children, he would help her and keep her children safe and sound. She told that she is very happy now.

At the same time, the doctor had informed the woman about the birth of 6 children before delivery, while the woman’s husband expected the birth of eight children. At the same time, the couple is very happy with the birth of their 10 children, at the time of delivery the doctors worked very carefully and saved the life of the woman and her children.

Last month in Morocco, a woman named Halima Sisi from Mali set a new Guinness World Record by giving birth to 9 children, but now after a month this record has been broken, because Sithol has given birth to 10 children simultaneously

Sithol and her children are healthy and will be under the supervision of doctors for some time. At the same time, Sithol told that she had become very ill during pregnancy and that time was very difficult for her. According to Sithole, he used to have pain all over his body, but now he is fine.

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