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Women will not Eat Pizza on TV in Iran, Men will not Serve Tea

Women will not Eat Pizza on TV in Iran, Men will not Serve Tea

It is normal to see women eating pizza and men serving tea on TV. But in Iran, such scenes have been banned from appearing on TV. Women will not be shown on TV eating any red colored drinks, sandwiches or pizzas.

It has been said in this order that women appearing on TV will be required to wear leather gloves in their hands. At the same time, it will be forbidden to show them eating pizza-sandwich. Before doing so, permission from the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting will have to be obtained. At the same time, scenes like workplace will not be able to show on TV.

Images of men and women will be specifically reviewed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) directives before being shown on TV. IRIB Public Relations Officer Amir Hussain Shamshadi said that under the new guidelines, the new guidelines were implemented after a recent ‘audit’. To avoid facing opposition from the authorities in Tehran, some Iranian streaming sites are following self-censorship.

In September, Iranian talk show Pishgoo refused to show actress Elnaz Habibi’s face on camera, after which Iranians are considering this rule of censorship as effective. During the show, only the voice of actress Elnaaz Habib was heard, after which many of her fans including actor Amin Tarokh complained on Instagram.

People wrote on Instagram, ‘I wish at least the name of the guest was written in the subtitle’. Because Elnaz had not seen Habib’s face at all. Actor Amin Tithi wrote on Instagram that at the beginning of the program it was not known which artist was being talked about. What pleasure do the creators of the program get by covering the face of the guest of the guest. Bijag, who made the serial, told the media that IRIB officials like to show the harassed woman.

Significantly, this type of censorship has been going on in Iran for several days, but the strictness on it has now been intensified. Serial maker Bijan Birang had told the media that the directors of IRIB like to portray women as an oppressed. If more attention is given to women, then the staff gets reprimanded.

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