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World Bank Bans Financial Aid to Afghanistan

World Bank Bans Financial Aid to Afghanistan

There has been an atmosphere of anarchy in the country since the occupation of Taliban in Afghanistan. Thousands of people are forced to leave the country. Meanwhile, the World Bank has also taken a big action. The World Bank has refused aid to Afghanistan. An official has given information about this.

The World Bank has taken this decision by being concerned about the situation in Afghanistan, especially the status of women’s rights. The spokesman said that at present the World Bank has stopped all financial aid and now the situation is being continuously monitored. Let us tell you that the US military will leave Afghanistan by August 31, but about 2 weeks before that, Afghanistan has been occupied by the Taliban.

“We have suspended aid to Afghanistan and we are closely monitoring and assessing the situation,” the official said. Since 2002, $ 5.3 billion in aid has been provided to Afghanistan. But now the situation is not the same as before. The financial crisis in the country has increased significantly since the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

China indicated on Monday that it would provide financial assistance to Taliban-occupied Afghanistan. China has said it will play a “positive role” in helping the war-torn country, with countries withholding financial aid to Kabul after the Taliban took power. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin hit out at the US, saying it was the main culprit for the Afghan crisis and that the US could not leave without doing something to rebuild Afghanistan.

A New York Times news report last week said that the US continues to control billions of dollars of money belonging to the Afghan Central Bank, despite the end of the campaign in Afghanistan. Germany has also said that it will not provide financial aid if the Taliban take power and Sharia law is implemented. EU officials have said that Afghanistan will not be paid until the authorities give an explanation about the situation.

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