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World Bicycle Day 2021

World Bicycle Day 2021

Eco-friendly, cheapest and better mode of transport for our health is cycle. It is durable, clean, economical, simple to transport and easy to use. Apart from that, there is a better way for people suffering from diabetes to stay fit and healthy. According to experts, cycling has great health benefits for people of all ages.
Even commuters who use bicycles regularly agree that cycling saves time and the hassle of traffic jams. In most cities of the world, there is a separate line for those traveling by bicycle.

Why is World Bicycle Day celebrated?
Increasing cycle use means lower greenhouse gas emissions – Cycling contributes to the reduction of CO emissions because it has an inherently zero emission value.

History of World Bicycle Day
In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly decided to observe ‘World Bicycle Day’ on 3 June every year. The day is the result of the campaign of Leszek Sibilski and the support of Turkmenistan and 56 other countries. In the last three years, a theme is decided to celebrate this day, keeping in mind all the countries celebrate this day.

Why was it celebrated?
Ever since the use of vehicles and the lack of time in people’s daily routine, people have reduced cycling, so to make people and children aware of the use of cycles.

Theme of World Bicycle Day 2021
This time the theme of ‘World Bicycle Day 2021’ has been kept as ‘Uniqueness, versatility, longevity of the bicycle and simple, sustainable, affordable means of transportation’ which is completely motivating people to cycle, as well as this. Telling how economical it is to ride a bicycle. We can also save fuel by cycling.

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