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World Expo Begins in Dubai

World Expo Begins in Dubai

The World Expo has started in Dubai. For the next 6 months, 192 countries of the world will show their strength, technology and art culture to the world through this expo. This time the whole world is watching India’s power in Dubai Expo, because India’s pavilion is the biggest and what is special in Indian Pavilion and how is the color of Dubai Expo. Know in this report.

The Dubai Expo will have a wonderful amalgamation of new technology and innovation along with the products of leading companies from all over the world. More than 190 countries have gathered here and everyone has a separate pavilion. The pavilion of every country has gathered here to make the world aware of its increasing power and capability. Although the Dubai Expo 2020 was scheduled, but it was postponed due to the Corona epidemic. Now this is happening in 2021. But it has been given the name of Dubai Expo 2020.

Biggest event in the world after the Olympics
Expo will run for 182 days

50 crore people expected to come
192 countries included
50 lakh volunteers
Spread over an area of ​​1100 hectares
550 ton main dome steel
21 m height of entry gate
60 Rose Live Event
46000 Organizations Included

The Dubai Expo will run for a total of 182 days starting from October 1 till March 31, in which 25 million people are expected to visit from all over the world. 192 countries are participating in this expo and 1.5 lakh volunteers are handling different responsibilities here. The entire expo is spread over an area of ​​110 hectares and 550 tonnes of steel has been used to make its central dome. The height of the entry gate is 21 meters and there will be 60 live events every day, 46000 organizations from all over the world are participating in the expo.

The biggest attraction at the Dubai Expo is the Pavilion of India, from which the whole world will see the power of India. Hundreds of business groups are participating from India’s side along with big companies like Tata Group, Reliance, Adani, Vedanta, HSBC. Although the mini world will be seen in the Dubai Expo, but the color of India will be the most unique and unmatched here.

India’s strength in Dubai
the biggest pavilion
438 hectares
600 block
blocks will always spin
500 crores spent

Because India’s pavilion is bigger than all the countries joining here. Which is spread over 438 hectares. 600 blocks have been built in the Indian Pavilion, which will always be rotating. The rotation of every block would tell that India is moving fast. 500 crores has been spent in preparing the Indian pavilion at the Dubai Expo.

The Indian pavilions at the expo have been designed on 11 different themes, which show India’s strength and investment potential here. Possibilities of investment in Space Technology, Robotics, Cyber ​​Security, Healthcare, Startups, Make in India have been told through the Indian Pavilion.

The World Expo began with a Ballard’s Fair held in Bohemia, Czech Republic in 1791, but the first World Expo officially took place in 1851 at the Xital Palace in London. After this it started in different cities of the world. From 1851 to 1938, the World Expo was held to show industrialization. From 1939 its theme changed to the Exhibition of Cultural Heritage, which lasted until 1987. After 1988, each country started doing its own branding in the World Expo, which continues till now.

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