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74th Republic Day 2023: Reflecting on the Themes of Unity and Progress

74th Republic Day 2023: Reflecting on the Themes of Unity and Progress

Every year the 26th of January is celebrated as Republic Day to commemorate the enactment of the Indian Constitution. India became a democratic republic on this day in 1950.

The day is filled with grandeur, passion, magnificent parades, and tributes to the Indian armed forces. The entire nation lights up with the tricolour, and there are different events across the country.

The Government has decided on three themes for the 74th Republic Day celebration in 2023:

International Year of Millets

Intending to increase millet’s domestic and global consumption, India proposed that 2023 be considered the International Year of Millets (IYOM).

The Indian government made the recommendation in 2021 at the United General Assembly, and 72 nations supported it. Consequently, 2023 has been announced as the IYOM.

Nari Shakti

The government has proposed this event to showcase its commitment towards creating a better society for women. It is also an opportunity to honour the women who have contributed to the growth and development of Indian society and culture.

The tableau included a march from the all-women contingent belonging to the Indian Armed Forces – the army, navy, and air force.

India @75

The government showcased the freedom struggle and achievements in honour of the freedom fighters who led our nation to Independence.

India also celebrated its entry into the 75th year of Independence. The event displayed India’s past seven decades of achievement, growth, and development.

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