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Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India

The month of December is very special. Christmas is the biggest festival celebrated in this month. Only a few days are left for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations to begin. People are planning about where they go for celebrations, which city tour will be great for them. If you are also planning to celebrate Christmas with your friends and loved ones, then you can visit these beautiful cities of India.

Goa is the most perfect place for Christmas celebration. The number of followers of Christianity is high in Goa. For this, Christmas is celebrated in a grand way in Goa. A large number of tourists come to Goa for Christmas and New Year celebrations. The largest church here is the C Cathedral of the 16th century. Here dance, fun and fine food can be enjoyed on the beach.

There is no better place in India to celebrate Christmas than Shimla. If you want to make the trip a little more romantic, then take a toy train from Kalka to Shimla. There are many great restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food.

The Christmas celebration here is also very famous. It was during the British rule that the trend of celebrating Christmas started with pomp here, which is being celebrated till now. Even today, the view of Park Street here is very beautiful.

St Paul’s Cathedral Church in Kolkata attracts a lot of crowd. There are also several vintage bakeries where fruit cakes and fine treat items can be tasted. The St. Paul’s Cathedral Church near the Victoria Memorial is lit up on Christmas Eve. Christmas Fest is organized here every year by the West Bengal Tourism Committee, Kolkata

Carnival fun in Kochi
There are many old churches in Kochi. The number of Christian people here is very high. You can make your Christmas memorable by visiting St. Francis Church at midnight. It is the oldest European church in India.

Many local festivals take place here in the last week of December. Along with this, there are many fun activities like musical fire work, decorated elephants, games, sports in Kochi Carnival. Cultural performances like Kathakali and Mohiniyattam also take place here.

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