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Celebrating Dad — Unique and Heartfelt Ideas for Father’s Day

Celebrating Dad — Unique and Heartfelt Ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day

“Dad a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love.” — Anonymous

Father is that beacon of light in the family, whose unseen efforts keep the light burning and show the path ahead. His love disciplines you, and his laughter comforts you. His wisdom helps you grow and be independent. He is the anchor until his children find their harbour in life.

The third Sunday of June is celebrated as “Father’s Day” every year.

Father’s Day has many stories attached to it. But what matters most is celebrating this Father’s Day with all your love and gratitude. Plan well in advance so you won’t miss those special surprises for your father. Put on your creative cap and start by listing his main choices — food, travel, party etc. It helps you narrow down the best-suited choices for your father.

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Father’s Day celebration ideas
Check out our Father’s Day Ideas to make the memorable

One ground rule is — “work calls are strictly prohibited today.” Let’s dive into some Father’s Day celebration ideas that would make it meaningful and memorable.

Retro-style Father’s-Day-Date 

You can plan his favourite retro theme and involve the family to surprise him. A lunch with a selection of his favourite dishes prepared to represent that theme and dress code to make it more fun.

Plant Together

As a token of the bond and love you share with your father, pick his favourite variety from the nursery together and choose a comfortable location to plant the sapling. Or donate a tree.

Plant together and make father’s day memorable
Plant together and make father’s day memorable

Video Collage

Get some close and important people in his life, and record a video talking a few lines about what an incredibly inspiring father he is. Surprise him with this video collage at lunch or dinner.

Game Time

You can plan a gaming evening with his favourite indoor and outdoor games. Invite his very close friends. Join the gang and chill out.

Plan a gaming evening
Plan a gaming evening

Night Out with a Difference

If your father is a night owl. Go camping or star gazing from your terrace with his favourite music on. It would help take his mind away from the daily stress.

Book a Short Vacation

If he loves to get away from the city noise, book a short vacation to spend alone time with him.

Go on a short vacation on Father’s Day
Spend quality time with dad

Day of Gratitude

Make it a day of gratitude towards everyone who helped him become the person he is today.

Movie Marathon

Make a list of his all-time favourites and plan a movie marathon with all his favourite party food.

movie date on Father’s Day
For movie buffs, movie marathon is a great idea

Hand Written Note

Make a greeting card and a craft gift for him with a handwritten note. Yes, the simplest yet honest way is to pen down a handwritten note for your father.

“Dear Dad, 

This is for you. Know that you are my first Guru, secret keeper and best friend. Times may have changed, but we all have moved on in our lives. But those moments we shared have helped me find my calling in life. This Father’s Day, we celebrate the spirit of Fatherhood. 

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.”

You can also write a poem for him and publish it in the local magazine or e-paper dedicated to him.

It is not the money or the extravagance of the plan that you make to celebrate Father’s Day. The intentions, the joy in your heart and the thankfulness in what you do would express your true love towards your father.

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Father's Day

So, don’t be stingy about showering that love and gratitude on this man who showed you how strong you are and was the iron bridge to help you cross your doubts and challenges.

Like someone said — “Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Make some heart-filled memories with the moments you have in hand with your father. Celebrate him.

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