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Chocolate Ville, Bangkok

Chocolate Ville, Bangkok

Chocolate Ville, Bangkok - An European Style Restaurant Theme Park. A must visit place for Travelers

Striking European-Style Restaurant Park in Bangkok You Shouldn’t Miss

Bangkok is every foodie’s delight. And traveller’s too. How would you feel if you get the best of both combinations? In any big city you could get an assortment of restaurant options and deciding which one to pick can become perplexing. Food places vie to get attention of people and something that can give a unique dining experience is definitely on a traveller’s bucket list.

So, when you are in Bangkok and want to get a truly exceptional experience, head over to Chocolate Ville. This eastern Bangkok outdoor eatery presents a quaint experience, a charming pleasure you would want to soak in. Chocolate Ville is a must visit place if you are visiting Bangkok.

Visiting this themed-park was one of the best highlights of our visit to Thailand. This is an experience I could never forget,

Chocolate Ville, Bangkok - An European Style Restaurant Theme Park. A must visit place for Travelers
Chocolate Ville, Bangkok – An European Style Restaurant Theme Park. A must visit place for Travelers

How Chocolate Ville is Different from Other Restaurants?

Chocolate Ville is a theme park and restaurant. Not just a restaurant but it is a community in itself. This location is a large sprawling area with a ‘Dining in the park’ concept that you will definitely enjoy, reflecting a European village theme of sorts.

What Is Chocolate Ville Made Up Of?

Opened in 2011, with lots of work, Chocolate Ville is an ample park location having buildings, shops, and restaurants. Assessing thoroughly we observed  that the park is built in detail, having been given thought-about pertaining to every little aspect of the infrastructure and display. Being at Chocolate Ville, an European-Style restaurant park, will feel like physically present somewhere in a traditional European village setting. The walkway is floral-covered, with a winding pond meandering through the area.

There are many restaurants here, with each one having the same menu, filled with delicious food options. Whether you want to sit inside or outside, both options are available for you. And the courteous staff is very good at their job, making sure each thing is done and handled perfectly. And there is no worrying about the hot weather, as fans are present at every dining table, and there sufficient cooling facilitation.

Chocolate Ville, Bangkok, Thailand - Outer View
Chocolate Ville, Bangkok Outer view at Night

Foods, Delectable & Sumptuous, to try at Chocolate Ville

From Thai foods to western, the options are aplenty. Do not think that having same menu limits you to the options. The menu is large and there is assortment of choices for you to fit your appetite completely.

While we wanted to try out different, we ordered multiple items in small quantities, and the best delicacy that we would recommend to you is trying out German Ham Hock, a tender and juicy inside, and crunchy outside. And everything is budget-friendly, so trying out the food delights won’t burn your pocket.

And not just food, there is so much when it comes to drink options. The extensive drink menu includes fresh juices, sodas, and much more you can choose from. For wine lovers, sipping a glass of wine handling it while sitting on the outside catching a glimpse of the lake quietly was an experience I haven’t had before, anywhere. There are hundreds of wine options to choose from – so, sip on!

Decorum at Chocolate Ville – A Truly Instagrammable Place

If you feel awed by the cookie-cutter clapboard building, then this place is for you. Having a traditional setting you will feel the quaintness around the Ville, with a picturesque background. The combination of the pond, outdoor seating area all amidst in a European setting is just pleasing and amusing. The entire infrastructure feels like it has been carved out from the fiction books, or you can even sense that it is the ideal backdrop to a TV show or a movie.

What to Do at Chocolate Ville, Bangkok – So Much to do You Will Feel Wanting to Have More Time

Pose with the carousel horse, take-in the sight of gazebos, play around with the red-telephone booth and do much more that will take right to a European atmosphere. And if you want to behold the entire extensive restaurant or have a bird’s eye-view of the area, just head up to the light-house. A magnificent experience, I must say. Even the best pictures we took include most from the top of the lighthouse. A truly selfie-taking place that had me stunned and amazed.

Chocolate Ville Opening Hours – A must visit place in Bangkok

Chocolate Ville is open from 4 P.M. up to midnight. And as we were suggested, reach early and get to enjoy the lovely view during the sunset. Stroll around, enjoy the view, take photos, indulge in wine tasting and then take dinner. Arriving early will help you relish both the afternoon and night scenery.

And yes one important thing – The entry is completely Free. Yes, no entry charges.

How You Can Get to Chocolate Ville

This place is hugely famous in Bangkok, so reaching here won’t be a fuss for you. The best way to reach here is through a taxi. While we had a local friend with us, bargaining with the drivers got easy to handle. They usually inflate the price and quote as much as double than the metred prices, so make sure to barter with them. It will take you usually an hour to reach Chocolate Ville from downtown Bangkok (keeping mild traffic in consideration).

Some Tips to Help You Out

Below appended are few tips, some of which we knew and followed, while some we assessed having been there:

  • To walk around the park comfy, dress up in sports or walking shoes.
  • The weather is usually hot and humid, so wear comfortable outfit suitable for the summer season.
  • It is recommended to postpone your visit here if it’s a rainy day.
  • As we have mentioned earlier too, ensure to reach early and stay up to the closing time to get full pleasure and fun.
Chocolate Ville, Bangkok, Thailand - An European Style Restaurant Theme Park. A must visit place for Travelers
Chocolate Ville – Eating here feels like eating at a restaurant in an European Village

While the locals know this place and recommend, many foreigners usually don’t know about this place before reaching Bangkok or if their travelling agent doesn’t recommend. So, it would help you if you include this in your itinerary beforehand, otherwise you can miss out on a gem of a place. Having an amazing landscape and stunning infrastructure that takes you right to the traditional European setting, you will feel like you are not in Thailand but in a totally unique and new place.

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