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Corona outbreaks as india foresees lockdown

Corona outbreaks as india foresees lockdown

This time because of Corona, there may not be a simultaneous lockdown in the whole country, but gradually such situation has been created in the whole country. So far, 18 states / union territories have announced restrictions like lockdown. At the same time, partial lockdown is enforced by 14 states / union territories. Many states continue to pursue lockdowns.

Delhi: The capital of the country is closed since 19 April. Here the lockdown has been extended till 17 May.

Uttar Pradesh: Restrictions like Corona curfew time and strict lockdown in the state have been extended till 17 May.

Haryana: A seven-day lockdown was imposed here on May 3, now it has been extended till May 17.

Bihar: Lockdown is in force till May 15 in the state. It started on 4 May.

Odisha: 14 days from May 5 to May 19 under lockdown.

Rajasthan: The state government has decided to implement strict lockdown from 10 to 24 May. However, the restrictions have been in force since last month.

Jharkhand: Restrictions like lockdown in the state have been extended till May 13. The restrictions were announced here for the first time on 22 April by announcing Health Safety Week.

Chhattisgarh: The government has announced a weekend lockdown. The first district collectors were allowed to increase the local lockdown till 15 May.

Punjab: Till May 15, extensive restrictions have been imposed in addition to measures like weekend lockdown and night curfew.

Chandigarh: The administration has imposed a weekend lockdown.

Madhya Pradesh: Janata curfew has been imposed till May 15 with exemption to only essential services.

Gujarat: With the imposition of the night curfew, day restrictions have been imposed in 36 cities till May 12.

Maharashtra: Lockdown-like restrictions were imposed on 5 April. Under this, the movement of people was stopped. The restrictions were later extended to 15 May.

Goa: The government has imposed curfew from 9 to 24 May. On Monday, except for tourist places like Calangut and Candolim in North Goa, a 4-day lockdown was imposed.

West Bengal: Extensive restrictions have been imposed in the state last week including ban on all kinds of celebrations.

Assam: The movement of people at Public Place in the state was banned from 6 pm on Wednesday. Earlier this stop used to start at 8 o’clock. Night curfew was imposed from April 27 to May 7 here.

Nagaland: A partial lockdown has been imposed with stringent rules from 30 April to 14 May.

Mizoram: The government has announced a 7-day total lockdown from 4 am on May 10 to 4 am on May 17.

Arunachal Pradesh: Night curfew has been imposed from 6.30 pm to 5 am for the whole month from Saturday.

Manipur: The state government has imposed curfew in 7 districts till May 17.

Sikkim: Lockdown-like restrictions have been imposed in the state till 16 May.

Jammu and Kashmir: The administration has extended the Corona curfew till 17 May.

Uttarakhand: Several restrictions have been imposed including night curfew. Extended till May 10 in Dehradun, Udham Singh Nagar and Haridwar.

Himachal Pradesh: The lockout or corona curfew is in force in the state from 7 May to 16 May.

Kerala: The state has a lockdown from 8 to 16 May.

Tamil Nadu: There is a lockdown from 10 to 24 May.

Puducherry: The lockdown has been extended from 10 to 24 May.

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