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Couple Get Married On Plane To Avoid Covid Restrictions

Couple Get Married On Plane To Avoid Covid Restrictions

Due to the lockdown, people are facing many problems in the ceremony like marriage and they are finding different ways to avoid problems. A similar case has come to light in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Rakesh and Deeksha from Madurai got married in an airplane. The DGCA has also spoken about taking action in this matter.

Rakesh and Deeksha rented a chartered plane and got married in an airplane. The flight also had 130 guests. Flight took off from Madurai. The flight was for two hours and during this time both were tied in the bond of marriage.

In the wedding photos, the guests are seen without a mask and no one seems to be following social distancing. However, the couple claimed that all 130 passengers were their relatives and their RT-PCR test was done and boarded the flight after the negative report was received.

The airport direct said that “a SpiceJet chartered flight was booked from Madurai. Airport authority officials were unaware of the Mid Air Marriage Ceremony ceremony.” Whereas, the DGCA said that the Mid-Air Marriage has started an investigation and the airline and The airport authority has asked for a full report. The flight crew is currently on duty for not following the social distancing rule.

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