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Delhi government gave big relief to laborers

Delhi government gave big relief to laborers

The government has given great relief to the workers of Delhi who are struggling with unemployment during the Corona period. Financial assistance amounting to Rs. 5-5 thousand will be provided to the registered construction workers. A total of 2,10,684 construction workers will be provided this amount. The Delhi government had recently released Rs 52.88 crore for construction workers.

According to Delhi government officials, till now the assistance of Rs 52.88 crore has been given in the bank accounts of 1,05,750 workers from the government, the rest will also be sent to others in the coming days.

Apart from this, food distribution centers have also been started at schools and construction sites in all the districts of Delhi to cater to the migrant, daily wage and other needs of workers engaged in construction work. Around 7000 food packets have been distributed in these distribution centers.

The Delhi government will issue a helpline for construction workers in the next 2-3 days. Where any construction workers who are registered with the Board or not, will be given sufficient information about food distribution centers, availability of beds, medicines and any other problem.

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