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Delhi Govt Approves 66% Salary Hike for MLAs

Delhi Govt Approves 66% Salary Hike for MLAs

AAP-led Kejriwal Delhi Govt approves bill to hike MLA salary by 66%

The Delhi cabinet has approved the proposal to increase the salary and allowances of the MLAs. According to the proposal of the Delhi cabinet, now the MLAs of Delhi will get a monthly salary of 30 thousand rupees. Whereas at present the MLAs of Delhi get a salary of Rs 12,000 per month.
Also, in the resolution passed by the Delhi cabinet , the MLAs will get a total of 90 thousand rupees per month including salary and other allowances. Whereas at present the salary and allowance of MLAs is Rs 54,000 per month. According to sources, in the year 2015, the Delhi government had passed the law to increase the salary of MLAs from the Delhi Assembly and sent it to the central government, which has been rejected by the central government.

The central government has also given some suggestions regarding the salary and allowances of MLAs. On the suggestion given by the central government, the Delhi cabinet has discussed and approved the new proposal. After 2011 i.e. for ten years there has been no increase in the salary of the MLAs of Delhi. The new proposal passed by the Delhi cabinet will now be sent for the approval of the central government and after the approval of the center, the Delhi government will again bring the bill in the Delhi assembly.

New proposed salary-allowance of MLAs passed in Delhi cabinet meeting-

  • Basic Pay- 30,000
  • Constituency Allowance – 25,000
  • Secretariat Allowance- 15,000
  • Conveyance Allowance- 10,000
  • Telephone – 10,000
  • Total- 90,000

At the same time, Delhi government sources say that “Delhi is still one of the states that pays the lowest salary and allowances to its MLAs. States ruled by many BJP, Congress and regional parties provide very high salaries to their MLAs. While the cost of living in Delhi is much higher than in most parts of India, many states also provide many other facilities and allowances to their MLAs, which the Delhi government does not provide. , office rent and expenses of employees, allowance for purchase of office equipment, conveyance for use, driver allowance etc.

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