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Fashion with Sustainability – Brands from India

Fashion with Sustainability – Brands from India


Sustainability has been a global concern in recent times. Every industry is trying to ensure its process to be more environmentally friendly, so has been the fashion industry. There is additionally a developing mindfulness among shoppers, particularly the more youthful age. Sustainable fashion style is attire that is created with as meager effect on the planet as could be expected under the circumstances. It includes various components directly from sourcing eco-accommodating textures, colors that don’t include any synthetic substances, reusing the water utilized in assembling and furthermore improving social working conditions in manufacturing plants. It’s a procedure of making style more supportable than what it is currently, and always finding better approaches to maintain those natural, social and moral qualities that add to supportability. In recent times sustainable fashion has set its position in the Indian Fashion Industry offering ascend to some fantastic youthful originators who are forming the design scene through their innovative thoughts.

Sustainable fashion brands from India

sustainable fashion brand from India - Anokhi
Source: Anokhi


sustainable fashion brand from India - Ka Sha
Source: Ka Sha

Ka-Sha is an Indian sustainable fashion brand begun by Karishma Shahani Khan with the point of contacting a worldwide crowd. The planner has been a beneficiary of different honors and has additionally been highlighted in the Forbes 30 under 30, 2016 rundown. The name’s zero waste undertaking that is called Heart to Haat blossoms with thoughts of waste administration utilizing their aptitude as originators to up-cycle and reuse useful items and mixing urban style with handiwork ability in India.


sustainable fashion brand from India - Satva
Source: Satva

Probably the greatest player in the manageable dynamic wear classification, Satva got is well known for its tough and agreeable natural, eco-friendly cotton tights. The brand accomplices with Suminter India Organics®, a natural and socially cognizant natural cotton creation partnership in India for its crude materials, and together the two organizations likewise teach and bolster advancement of country cultivating networks in India. The cotton development is finished with natural, non-GMO, non-treated seeds, and no synthetics (counting hurtful colors) are utilized for creating of their attire. This Indian fashion brand has a great appeal among people who prefer sustainable fashionwear that is eco-friendly and sourced with least impact on environment.


sustainable fashion brand from India - Deivee
Source: Deivee

Deivee is a creation by Milind Soman and Darshan M, this dynamic wear mark explicitly takes into account Indian sensibilities and body types. As needs be, their item range incorporates execution kurtis, collection of mistresses’ pants, copper water bottles, yoga tangles and incense. All their creation occurs in reasonable exchange offices utilizing crude & sustainable materials like natural cotton, banana fiber, wild grass, coconuts, reused polyester and so on which don’t leave dent on the environment. Deivee’s way of thinking is to make the world a more advantageous and more joyful spot utilizing yoga and dynamic living. So, they likewise have a program where their NGO accomplice, Grow Trees, plants a tree in Chantamani, Karnataka, for each acquired Deivee Tree T-shirt. Now that’s sustainable fashion from sourcing to Sale!

House of Wandering Silk

sustainable fashion brand from India - House of wandering silk
Eco friendly attire from House of wandering silk

Place of Wandering Silk has its studio in New Delhi yet works with minimized women and craftsmen from various nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Laos, Uzbekistan and Cambodia. They utilize handcrafted and upcycled materials to make lovely attire, frill and gems. The brand does meticulous research to distinguish specialists from assorted and remote spots, comprehends their abilities and afterward plans items dependent on their needs and fitness. So, their items are never pattern based yet they maintain a lot of greater qualities like supporting nearby networks, advancing indigenous artworks and saving the earth.

Eleven: Eleven/ 11:11

sustainable fashion brand from India - Eleven: Eleven/11:11
Source: Eleven: Eleven/11:11

11.11/eleven is one of only a handful hardly any brands making devoted endeavors at advancing khadi (handwoven characteristic texture from the subcontinent). This modest texture is frequently disregarded for being unfashionable yet, on account of brands like 11.11/eleven, the idea of ‘extravagant khadi’ is presently making strides. The brand makes high design items that are totally carefully assembled and colored normally utilizing hues sourced directly from nature, removed from barks, petals and leaves. They utilize indigenous textures like khadi and kala cotton from Kutch in Gujarat and utilize neighborhood craftsman’s talented in specialties like square printing and mirror work.

Grassroot by Anita Dongre

sustainable fashion brand from India - Grassroot Anita Dongre
Source: Anita Dongre – Grassroot

Anita Dongre is one of the main names of the style, Bollywood and wedding wear industry. At the point when they propelled Grassroot it was to give design the moderate and resolute consideration that it and its creators merit. It is an eco-cognizant, calfskin free, vegetarian line that offers handmade customs from India with a plan to restore and continue art and craftsman’s.

Nicobar by Good Earth

sustainable fashion brand from India - good earth nicobar
Source: Good Earth-Nicobar

Good Earth has always been synonymous with stylish sustainable luxury retail. The launch of new brand Nicobar, has been with the intention of changing the way modern Indians shop. They have stores in all major cities of India and offer a wide variety of fashion, home and travel accessories.


sustainable fashion brand from India - Proyog
Eco-friendly collection from Proyog

Ideal for the cutting-edge yogis and yoginis, Proyog mixes Indian styles with solace to make dhoti-shorts, wrap tops, vastness scarves with worked in pockets and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They’ve done broad research on materials and built up a trademarked HYPERBREATH™ texture, which is natural, excessively delicate and dampness wicking. Their center spun natural cotton has preferable stretch and recuperation over ordinary cotton elastane and is likewise completely murky.

No Nasties

sustainable fashion brand from India - No Nasties
Eco-friendly collection from No Nasties

Natural, reasonable exchange and veggie lover are three words that make up their image story. No Nasties are situated in Goa and manage 100% natural, reasonable exchange cotton dress. They are most mainstream for their shirt line yet they additionally have wandered into dresses and sacks. Each shirt they configuration is by their locale of craftsmen and visual planners who make unique and restrictive prints for the brand. Beautiful and feasible their items highlight extraordinary structures, flawless fits, and agreeable textures. They likewise plant a tree in their No Nasties woods for each item sold. Also, you can keep a mind the tally by joining to their pamphlet.


sustainable fashion brand from India - Anokhi
Eco-friendly collection from Anokhi

Anokhi is an Indian sustainable fashion brand from the pink city of Jaipur, the noteworthy capital of Rajasthan. The city has a rich history established in human expressions and makes, and the Anokhi brand has completely grasped this throughout its forty years of delivering eco-accommodating materials, which gloat a scope of regular hues, garments and great quality. The organization is outstanding as a good example for its strong strategic policies and its safeguarding of handprinted customary material systems.

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