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Fuel Price Rise For Second Consecutive Day

Fuel Price Rise For Second Consecutive Day

The prices of petrol and diesel in the country do not seem to be stopping. Today, for the second consecutive day, there has been a tremendous increase of 35 paise per liter in the price of petrol. At the same time, diesel has become costlier by 24 paise per liter. Yesterday i.e. on Saturday also, there was a huge increase of 35-35 paise in the price of petrol and diesel.

After this increase, the price of petrol in the capital today went up to Rs 98.46 per liter, while diesel is also being sold at Rs 88.90 per liter. On the other hand, if we go to the financial capital Mumbai, on Sunday, petrol has become Rs 104.56 per liter and diesel has become Rs 96.42 per liter.

  • Petrol in Lucknow Rs 95.63 and Diesel Rs 89.31 per liter
  • Petrol in Chandigarh Rs 94.69 and Diesel Rs 88.54 per liter
  • Petrol in Ranchi Rs 94.08 and diesel Rs 93.82 per liter
  • Petrol in Bhopal Rs 106.71 and Diesel Rs 97.63 per liter
  • Petrol in Patna Rs 100.47 and diesel Rs 94.24 per liter
  • Petrol in Bengaluru Rs 101.75 and diesel Rs 94.25 per liter
  • Petrol in Noida Rs 95.88 and Diesel Rs 89.52 per liter
  • Petrol in Jaipur Rs 105.18 and diesel Rs 97.99 per liter
  • Petrol in Sriganganagar Rs 109.67 and diesel Rs 102.12 per liter
  • Petrol reached beyond 100 in many cities, ready to set century in Delhi

Petrol has crossed Rs 100 per liter mark in 9 states and union territories (Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Odisha and Ladakh) in the country. Petrol is already above Rs 100 per liter in metro cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore and now in Chennai the rates are moving in this direction.

Since May 4, oil prices have increased 31 times and there has been no change in prices 26 times. This hike has increased the price of petrol in Delhi by Rs 8.06 per liter. Similarly, diesel prices have increased by Rs 8.36 per liter in the national capital.

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