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Government Sends Final Notice to Twitter on New IT Rules

Government Sends Final Notice to Twitter on New IT Rules

The conflict between Twitter and the Government of India is increasing. The Indian government says that even after giving 90 days’ time, Twitter has not fully implemented the new information technology rules. It is being said time and again by the Government of India that Twitter has not yet appointed a Nodal Contact Person and Grievance Officer, while Twitter has told the Delhi High Court that it has implemented the new rules and there is no one in India. A local grievance officer has also been appointed. This appointment was made on 28 May itself.

In the midst of this controversy, today i.e. on June 5, the Government of India has sent a final notice to Twitter India, in which it has been asked to appoint a local grievance officer and a nodal contact person with immediate effect and share his information with the government.

In fact, on Saturday morning, Twitter had removed the blue tick from the personal account of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. However, a few hours later, Twitter verified the account again and returned the blue tick. Not only this, Twitter has also removed the blue tick from the account of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. Since then, the discussion has heated up again on the dispute between the central government and Twitter regarding the new IT rules. Showing strictness against Twitter, the government has given a final warning to follow IT rules.

It has been said by the government that the new guidelines have become effective from May 26. Twitter has not appointed Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Contact Person and Grievance Officer in India even after the expiry of the 3-month period given to social media companies to comply with these. In view of this attitude of Twitter, the last notice has been sent to Twitter. If Twitter does not implement the new rule even after this notice, then legal action will be taken against it.

Twitter had recently said it was committed to India as a vital market, but criticized the new IT rules and regulations, saying they “inhibit free, open public conversation”. In response, the government had said Twitter was levelling “baseless and false” to defame India.

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