Health Benefits of Cashews, Uses And its Side Effects

Health Benefit of Cashew & its Side Effect - Who should, shouldn't eat it

White, creamy cashew in taste is more beneficial for health than it is tasty. Barfi made from cashews attracts people, on the other hand, it makes vegetable gravy wonderful. The surprising health benefits of cashew nuts and also the downside of eating too much cashew nuts.

There are a lot of benefits of eating cashews that keep us healthy, for it is, rich in protein, minerals, iron, fiber, folate, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and calcium. However, some people are also advised not to eat cashews.

Health Benefits of cashew nuts

Extremely beneficial for pregnant women

Eating cashews is very beneficial for pregnant women. By consuming cashew, the fetus growing in the womb also gets all the nutrients provided by cashew nuts. It is very good for the nutrition and brain development of the child. Pregnant women can eat 10 cashews a day.

Keeps energy intact

Another of the health benefits of cashew nuts is being a good source of energy. It keeps filling our bodies with energy for us to do our daily routines. If your mood gets spoiled on talk, then eating 2-3 cashews daily will give relief in this problem.

Sharpens Memory

Cashew is a treasure trove of B vitamins. Consuming honey after eating cashew nuts on an empty stomach in the morning strengthens the memory. Another benefit of eating cashews provides relief in the problem of low blood pressure. At the same time, the formation of uric acid stops.

Sanjivani for skin and hair

Cashew is rich in protein. It is very beneficial for skin and hair. By eating cashew, the skin starts glowing. It shines even in color. It is used in home remedies to enhance beauty.

Loss of blood goes away

Cashew is a good source of iron. Therefore, this is one of the health benefits of cashew nuts to people who are deficient in blood, so it’d be better for those people to consume cashews daily.

Digestive power will improve

The antioxidants present in cashews increase the digestive power. This will strengthen the digestive system and help to better digestion for a smoother and better distribution of nutrients.

Removes calcium deficiency

Cashew contains vitamins, proteins as well as calcium. Consuming cashews daily removes calcium deficiency and makes bones strong.

These are signs that you should not eat cashews

  • Patients with headache or migraine should avoid consuming cashews. The amino acids present in cashews can trigger headaches.
  • Those who have stones, they should not consume cashew nuts. Eating it can increase the problem of stones.
  • If you want to lose weight, do not eat cashew nuts. There are about 163 calories and 13.1 fat in 3-4 cashews. Eating more cashew nuts leads to weight gain.
  • Patients taking medicines for diabetes, thyroid, arthritis and urinary problems, consult a doctor before eating cashews.
  • Those who have high blood pressure problems, they should not eat cashews because the sodium found in them can increase blood pressure further.
  • Women should avoid consuming cashews during menopause. Its effect is hot, due to which there can be a problem of hot flash.
  • Eat only 4 to 5 cashews every day. Eating too much will not be good for health.

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