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Historical Coin Sells For Whopping Rs 138 Crore

Historical Coin Sells For Whopping Rs 138 Crore

A rare and historic gold coin was auctioned in America. Actually, the original price of this coin was US $ 20 . 1400 rupees, but in New York this coin has been sold for 18.9 million US dollars i.e. 138 crore rupees. After selling for Rs 138 crore, this coin is making a new record and has managed to surpass its previous price of USD 7.6 million in 2002 and the earlier price of 100 lakh to 150 lakh.

This American coin has also broken the record of the world’s most expensive coin, which was sold in 2013 for 10 million US dollars. The surprising thing is that the double eagle of the year 1933 was the last gold coin in America. The coin was minted for circulation throughout the United States, but the US government decided against public use of the coin after Franklin D. Roosevelt removed America from the gold standard. After which all the coins were destroyed due to the order of the government. At the same time, this coin is considered rare because it was legally approved by the US government.

Auction house Sotheby’s has recognized the rare and historic Double Eagle coin of 1933 as one of the most iconic coins in the world. Where in an Instagram post Sotheby’s wrote that ‘Meet the Holy Grail of Coins, earlier this morning in our #New York cellroom the fictional and elusive 1933 Double Eagle Coin broke the auction record for the world’s most valuable coin, creating an astonishing 138 crores, which is the only instance that was legally approved for private ownership by the United States Government.

The double eagle coin has an image of Lady Liberty on one side and an American eagle on the other. Richard Austin, Sotheby’s Global Head of Books, said that “the sale of the coin marked a historic moment in the history of stamp and coin collecting that no one will soon surpass.”

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