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Hong Kong banned India’s air service

Hong Kong banned India’s air service

Hong Kong has imposed a 14-day stay on all flights to and from India. This decision has been taken due to the increasing cases of Corona and new variants in the country. Flights will last from 20 April to 3 May. Apart from India, flights to Pakistan and Bangladeshi have also been stopped. The government released this statement on Sunday and gave this information.

In Hong Kong this weekend, for the first time, two new cases of the virus were found to be harmful. The government said that in the last seven days, 5 or more people have come from these three countries, in which the mutate of corona has been found. For this reason this decision has been taken under Circuit Breaker Arrangements. Under this, all three countries have been included in the high risk countries.

It is said that 20 travelers from India who have gone to India for passport screening have been found Corona positive. Some of these detect infections during the quarantine stay at the Hong Kong International Terminal and the rest at the Regal Terminal Hotel. They all arrived here on 4 April. After this, flights of this route were suspended from 6 April to 19 April.

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