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ITBC Celebrates Holi FESTIVAL 2022

ITBC Celebrates Holi FESTIVAL 2022

ITBC Celebrates Holi Festival 2022

Indo Thai Business Community (ITBC) celebrates Holi in heart of Pattaya with all business associate members. HOLI is a Hindu celebration known as the festival of colors.

Community members throw brightly colored powder and water balloons at each other community organized performances such as singing, dancing, and cultural events.

In India, the festival is held over two days. On the first, families pray and sing and dance around a bonfire which symbolizes cleansing. On the second day, participants take to the streets to douse each other with colored powder while firing water pistols and throwing water balloons.

The colored powders, known as gulal, were traditionally made from natural sources like turmeric and indigo and believed to have healing properties.

Now they are typically made from synthetic materials and are colored bright yellow, pink, green, red, blue, and various colors of the rainbow.

The Holi celebration has cultural importance in the Indian subcontinent’s Hindu traditions. It is a joyful day to reflect on and correct previous mistakes, to resolve issues by meeting new people, and to forget and forgive. Debts are paid or forgiven, and people begin over with others in their life. Holi also celebrates the beginning of spring, a time for people to celebrate the changing seasons and meet new people.


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