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Kangana Ranaut became Corona positive

Kangana Ranaut became Corona positive

Actress Kangana Ranot’s Corona report came back positive on Saturday. After this he has quarantined himself. He gave this information on social media. He also posted the picture in Dhyana Mudra. In the caption of his photo, he wrote, ‘I was feeling tired and weak for the last few days. There was also a slight burning sensation in the eyes. Was thinking of going to Himachal, so got the corona test done yesterday, today the report has come positive.)

He wrote, ‘I have quarantined myself. I had no idea that this virus was partying in my body. Now that I know, I will destroy it. Do not let any power dominate you. If you are afraid then it will scare you more. Let’s end this. Kovid-19 is nothing but short-term flu. Everywhere Shiva. ‘

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