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Mysterious Brain Syndrome Grips Canada

Mysterious Brain Syndrome Grips Canada

Amidst the corona virus pandemic, a mysterious brain disease has spread fear and anxiety in Canada. Although the whereabouts of the disease is still unknown, it has surprised Canadian medical experts and senior neurologists. Patients are facing symptoms like insomnia, limb dysfunction, hallucinations. They are seeing dead people in their dreams.

The unknown disease was first detected six years ago in New Brunswick, on the Atlantic coast. Given that the disease affects the brain, some of the accompanying symptoms are quite worrying. Neurologists are working day and night to understand these clues. Dozens of people have been affected by the disease in the last six years, in which six people are reported to have died.

With the spread of the disease, many things are being said. Health experts claim that the disease is spreading due to the radiation of mobile towers. Some people have considered the Covid-19 vaccine to be potentially responsible. However, none of the claims have been scientifically confirmed so far. Significantly, due to the growing concern of the corona virus pandemic, the mysterious disease could not initially attract the attention of the people. But the concern of the authorities has increased with 48 cases and six deaths. “The discovery of a potentially new and unknown syndrome is scary. I know the people of New Brunswick are concerned and confused about this potential neurological syndrome,” Health Minister Dorothee Shepherd told the press conference.

The team of experts is working to understand this newly identified neurological syndrome. Specialists will conduct a complete clinical review of every patient suffering from mental illness. The disease was first diagnosed in 2015 when New Brunswick-based neurologist Dr Elior Merero observed a strange mix of symptoms in a patient, such as anxiety, depression, rapidly progressing dementia, muscle pain, and frightening visual disturbances. Three years later, he had eight such cases. Next year, the total number of patients increased to 20, then 38 after that and now, after 48 people got affected by it, the concern has increased.

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