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No by-elections will be held in the country

No by-elections will be held in the country

Due to the second wave of Corona in India, the Election Commission has decided to postpone by-elections in three Lok Sabha and 8 Assembly seats. In a statement issued by the Election Commission, it said, ‘The Commission has reviewed the matter today and has decided that due to the second wave of covid-19, it would not be appropriate to hold a by-election in the country at this time. We will have to wait till the situation of the epidemic improves and the situation is right for it.

By-elections are to be held in Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh and Mandi Lok Sabha seats in Himachal Pradesh. Along with this, by-elections were to be held in eight assembly seats of various states and union territories. These include Ellenabad and Kalka in Haryana, Vallabhnagar in Rajasthan, Singadi in Karnatkar, Rajbala and Mavrinchneng in Meghalaya, Fatehpur in Himachal Pradesh and Badwell assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh.

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