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Omicron BA.2 New Symptoms

Omicron BA.2 New Symptoms

Omicron BA.2 new symptoms – The new covid-19 subvariant has shown different symptoms from the original variant. Researchers were able to prove that it is more contagious but up till now, there was no additional information.

Spokane Regional Health District Health Officer Francisco Velazquez conducted a recent study of the subvariant. He did support the finding that it is more contagious and he also found two additional symptoms. The study shows that dizziness and fatigue are two new symptoms developed from the BA.2 strain.

Despite the fact that COVID-19 occurrences are decreasing, research shows that the omicron variant can re-infect patients. It can put them at risk of further infection and additional COVID-19 symptoms. People should continue to get vaccinated and booster to reduce their chance of infection, according to Velazquez. Especially since those two symptoms can be caused by other strains of the virus.

According to scientists, the BA.2 subvariant of the omicron coronavirus variant can induce more severe COVID-19 symptoms than the original omicron variation strain.

BA.2 has several characteristics that might make it capable of generating severe COVID-19 symptoms, according to recent lab trials in Japan.

“From a human standpoint, it might be a worse virus than BA.1 in terms of transmission and sickness,” said Dr. Daniel Rhoads, department director of microbiology at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

Given the new studies conducted, most of the results would still recommend completing vaccinations. Universal COVID-19 prevention measures are still recommended. This includes frequent washing of hands, wearing of masks, and social distancing.

Though the new variant of COVID appears to be milder the WHO still recommends caution. The virus has the ability to mutate. This could develop into a strain that is deadlier than the previous Delta and Beta variants.

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