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Parental Rift can Cause Personality Disorder in the Child

Parental Rift can Cause Personality Disorder in the Child

Fighting between husband and wife is not a big deal in married life. But if you think that children do not understand all this, then you are wrong. Every day, some kind of conflict can have a huge impact on the mental health of children. Children are most affected by delays in such cases, as they are deprived of the love and affection of parents. Even if one of the parents wins in the fight over the custody of the children, the children always lose. According to many studies, not only older children or teenagers are disturbed due to parental discord, but it also has a bad effect on children up to six months.

Innocent childhood gets crushed in the fight of parents
The kind of environment that the child will get from childhood to growing up, the same glimpse will be seen in his thinking. Personality disorder can also arise in them, so try not to fight in front of children. It is important to resolve conflicts sensibly without bringing them into the eyes of the children.

Children may be harmed

Fear feeling
Children are very sensitive. When parents beat up, argue and speak abusive words in front of them, then they are scared and scared all their life due to these antics. They are afraid to have any relationship.

Mentally disturbed
The mental development of the children living in such an environment is not possible properly. They forget the fun of childhood and start becoming negative. Their nature also becomes irritable and angry. Also, they are more likely to see health problems as they get older.

Immune system affects
According to a research conducted in America, fighting and fighting have a profound effect on the body’s immune system. This weakens the ability to fight diseases. They fall ill very often.

Decrease in self confidence
Children living in a stressful family environment tend to lose self-confidence. They start living in tension. Many times, in the mind itself, it starts considering itself as the reason for this quarrel. They also become victims of depression.

Weak in studies
Such children find it difficult to concentrate on studies, so they are neither able to talk to others nor study properly.

Understand your responsibility as a parent

  • Try to resolve your differences with love and mutual understanding. Do not argue in front of the child.
  • If the child sees you fighting, let them know after the situation returns to normal that all is well. Shouldn’t have done that.
  • Even if there is a fight, keep in mind that the child sees you reconciling after the fight.
  • Fights are never permanent, so always apologize after a fight.
  • If you handle the dispute better, then the child will learn the art of resolving the dispute from you.
  • Don’t use bad words in anger.
  • If you have made the decision to be together for the child, do it with all your heart.

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