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Patients will not be treated with plasma therapy in India

Patients will not be treated with plasma therapy in India

Plasma therapy being given to corona patients has been removed from the clinical management protocol. Now patients will not be treated in the country with this therapy. Plasma therapy did not prove effective in saving the lives of corona-infected patients. Despite its use, the death of the infected and the severity of their illness has not reduced.

The decision has been taken after the meeting of the National Task Force on ICMR, Covid-19 of the Union Ministry of Health. The task force has also released a new guideline for the treatment of Covid patients. The new guideline has divided Covid patients into three parts. First- patients with mild symptoms, second- patients with moderate symptoms and third patients with severe symptoms. Patients with mild symptoms have been asked to remain in home isolation, patients with moderate and severe infections were admitted to the Covid ward and admitted to the ICU, respectively.

In September 2020, ICMR said in its study that plasma therapy is not helpful in the treatment of corona.

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