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Petrol and diesel prices increased on the second day

Petrol and diesel prices increased on the second day

Petrol-diesel prices have increased for the second consecutive day in the country. There was peace in the prices of retail fuel for about 66 days, which was broken by a rise of 15 paise in petrol and 16 paise in diesel on Tuesday. Today, oil marketing companies have increased 19 paise in petrol and 21 paise in diesel. That is, petrol 34 and diesel 37 paise have become expensive in two days.

After today’s increase, now the price of petrol in Delhi has increased from 90.55 to 90.74 rupees per liter. At the same time, diesel has increased from 80.91 to 81.12 rupees per liter.

Talking about Mumbai, petrol has increased from Rs 96.95 to Rs 97.12 per liter and diesel is also being sold from 87.98 to Rs 85.19 per liter. Petrol in Chennai is being increased from 92.55 rupees to 92.70 rupees and diesel from 85.90 rupees to 86.09 rupees per liter. In Kolkata, the price of petrol has increased from 90.76 to 90.92 rupees and the price of diesel has increased from 83.78 to 83.98 rupees per liter.
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