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PM Modi took second dose of Corona vaccine

PM Modi took second dose of Corona vaccine

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also took the second dose of the Corona vaccine.  On Thursday morning, he administered the second dose of Kovacsin in AIIMS New Delhi.  The first dose was put on March 1.  While sharing the photo on social media, he also appealed to others to get the vaccine installed.  Wrote, ‘Vaccination is one of the few ways through which corona can be defeated.  Therefore, if you complete the eligibility of getting the vaccine, get it done immediately.

 The second dose of vaccine was given to Modi by Sister Neha Sharma from Punjab and Sister P Niveda from Puducherry.  Neha said- Prime Minister talked to us.  It was a memorable moment for me.  I got a chance to talk to them and apply the vaccine.
 Niveda said- I gave the first dose of Kovacsin to the Prime Minister.  Today I got a chance to meet him again and get vaccinated.  I am very happy again.  He talked to us and we also took pictures with him.

 Prime Minister Modi will hold a meeting with the Chief Minister of all the states through video conferencing today amid increasing cases of corona in the country.  The Prime Minister will take stock of the situation around the country in this meeting

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