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Pratyahaar: The Fifth Branch Of Yoga (Int’I Yoga Day)

Pratyahaar: The Fifth Branch Of Yoga (Int’I Yoga Day)

The fifth limb of Ashtanga Yoga is ‘Pratyahaar’. Here the word prat stands for “against or drawing back” and ahaar means “stuff,we need for nourishment”; so Pratyahaar translates as “to withdraw from the things which nourishes or build up (the senses.)”

Well, a normal human being who don’t practice yoga techniques generally grabs information for thoughts and senses (memory, vision, touch, noise, smell, taste) from the external world and perform his duties, live his life according to them without knowing the power of his own mind, vision, consciousness.This practice implies to minimize the attachment towards the external objects to feel the bliss of inner self.
A popular Pratyahar yoga practices is ‘Shanmukhi mudra’; stands for closing of the 6 gates of senses that is

  • 2 ears
  • 2 eyes
  • nose
  • mouth

Symbolically, this posture states that right now any kind of outer information is not welcomed, at the same time exploring the awareness, senses and the beauty lies inward.

With different yoga techniques,taking few resolution and fulfill them is also a part of practicing Pratyahaar. for example start with giving up your favourite but less-nutritional dish.

Practicing Maun ; keeping quiet and try to listen what our subconscious mind telling about us and the universe. It strengthen the mind body equilibrium.
Do shopping but to donate.

A big No to gossip, negative remarks. Don’t be judgemental.
Practice compassion in your actions, voice and slowly you start realise the power of inner world. in short Pratyahaar is retraction of the senses to establish a better connection with inner-self keeping in mind the power of positive inner-world.

Now you see as we are moving towards the last step to attain ‘Yoga’, we are actually moving towards ourself only.Exploring yourself, knowing yourself, connecting yourself, loving yourself : Exactly is the ‘Yoga’.

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