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Single dose vaccine Approves in Russia

Single dose vaccine Approves in Russia

Russia has succeeded in producing a single dose vaccine of Corona. The name of this vaccine is Sputnik Light and it is 79.4% effective. This is the new vaccine of the same Sputnik family, India has also approved Sputnik V. Its first shipment has arrived in India on 1 May. Therefore, it is expected that its new single shot light vaccine may be approved in the country in the coming time.

The phase-3 trial of this vaccine involved 7000 people. The trials took place in Russia, UAE and Ghana. Its data was analyzed 28 days later. The results found that this vaccine is effective on all new strains of the virus. Its data suggests that it is more effective than many other double dose vaccines.

Its overall affinity is 79.4%. Antibodies increased up to 40-fold after 10 days in 100% of those vaccinated.

Sputnik light can be stored at 2 to 8 degrees of temperature. This will enable it to be transported easily.

This vaccine is also effective for people who have had corona infection before.

The risk of serious effects of corona will decrease after the vaccine is applied. In most cases the patient will not need to be hospitalized.

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