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Vegan & Cruelty free Skincare: A Few Brands to Check Out

Vegan & Cruelty free Skincare: A Few Brands to Check Out

Why Switch to Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare?

We’re in the very first month of this decade and the one thing that’s picking up pace more than anything else in any industry at the moment is – Sustainability. With Greta Thunberg’s speech at the United Nations earlier this year, the focus on climate change and the pressing need for all of us to do our bit for our surroundings is only gaining momentum. A change in the way we live, be it a simple modification like taking your bicycle to work or a magnanimous change like large scale rainwater harvesting, we all have become more aware and more responsible than any of our previous generations.

Why is it Important to Switch to Vegan or Cruelty Free Skincare?

While we talk the talk about Sustainability, we’ve all at some point engaged with YouTube and Instagram influencers while they watch and gawk at the various skincare routines and watch us head to the nearest Sephora to empty our wallets and returned with bags full of fancy toners and moisturizers. Personally, I’d been hooked on to the very extensive 10 step Korean skincare rituals publicized by the YouTubers for the longest time. Each night I used to spend 20 minutes carefully layering my face with numerous skincare products packed with chemicals. It was during one of these nights when I was applying a thick layer of moisturizer on my face, did I happen to look at the list of ingredients mentioned on the product and to my surprise not even one name mentioned was natural. To add to it, the skincare product was tested on animals and I almost instantaneously made a conscious decision to not buy another product the ingredients of which I didn’t know or understand and was most definitely not tested on animals. My objective was plain and simple – I would not put anything on my face that I would be skeptical about putting in my mouth.

What do vegan & cruelty free skincare products mean?

So then, what really are Vegan products you may ask, well they are products that are free from any animal by-products (bees wax, insect dyes, milk etc) and have not been tested on animals. Some of the skincare brands that I have been using since are not only organic, made from natural ingredients but also are not tested on animals. China as a norm, needs all the imported beauty and skincare products to be tested on animals, hence it being a large consumer market, majority of the brands tend to adhere to the norm to be able to cater to the Chinese market. So, if you’re considering switching to cruelty free skincare and beauty products do a double check to ensure whether the brand is actually cruelty free products or not. A few things to consider when you’re buying your vegan skincare, cruelty free products are – Be sure to always check the ingredients, to ensure that the ingredients used are completely natural and do not have any animal by-products. Also much like the regular skincare products, all the products may not be suitable for all skin types and you may be allergic to some of them, so I suggest you buy samples, try them out and then go for your actual purchase. You can also do skincare at home as a better and cheaper alternative.

Vegan and cruelty free skincare brands to check out

Forest Essentials

A homegrown Indian skincare brand, Forest Essentials has been a pioneer in luxury skincare and has derived its roots from Indian Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient alternative medicine from the Indian subcontinent that uses natural ingredients for healing and wellness. The brand has crafted a range of Natural skincare products based on this ancient Ayurvedic technique with a contemporary aesthetic for a better sensorial experience. All their products are sourced locally and are manufactured in Uttarakhand, a state along the foothills of the Himalayas. I personally am partial to their Nargis range which not only makes my skin feel good, but also has a divine fragrance.


Sarah Brown, the founder of Pai Skincare hails from London but her brand name comes from the Maori word which stands for goodness and essentially it is what she truly believes in. All their products are free from alcohol, petrochemicals, detergents, parabens and they are free of any artificial fragrance. Furthermore, the brand produces cruelty free products and even measures are taken to make the packaging too from biodegradable or recyclable materials as much as possible. The philosophy of Pai has been as good as their product range and for several years now, they’ve shown consistency in both. I would highly recommend trying out their skincare product range which are cruelty free, natural without artificial & chemical substances, and even if you don’t have a store near you, their products can be found on several ecommerce portal easily.


A one hundred percent vegan and cruelty free skincare products from the home of tropics – Australia, Metapora skincare products are freshly made in smaller batches with locally sourced ingredients and are made from all-natural ingredients. For these products, once you start using them, you will see an immediate change in the quality of your skin. However, since they are made from all-natural ingredients, they tend to have a smaller shelf life since there are no added preservatives. Another upside to buying Metapora is that they ship their products worldwide so be sure you check them out.

A few other brands that you can check out are Face Food, Kama Ayurveda, Lush and Holland and Barrett, all these skincare brands refrain from animal testing and are vegan. However, the most important aspect when it comes to skincare is the one thing, we tend to forget on which is that what we put on our skin is important, but also what we put in our bodies – our nourishment and water intake plays a very important part in the way your skin looks and feels. The deal about 8 glasses of water and eating those greens – is the real thing, so make sure you remember that too! So, give the vegan skincare range a try and do your bit for your skin and for the environment and in true millennial style, make #SustainableSkincare trend!

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